To grow a sense of curiosity in what can be found through exploration and discovery, from within our natural world and beyond our own backyards.  


James MacDiarmid [B.A; B.Ed; M.Ed.]

Founder of Magnifi Education, Co-Creator for PlayFutures with the LEGO Foundation, TEDx contributor and an avid naturist and photographer, James has been sharing his passion for learning, science and adventure from the right age of 14, where he journeyed to the Khumbu region of the Himalayas in assisting with the construction of a school. His ambition for science communication and outreach has seen him travel to the SubAntarctic, Arctic and many places in-between, including the deserts of both Australia and mainland America. 

As a strong advocate for education, the potential of a human and nature's awe and wonder, James has parlayed his expertise across fields to deliver improvement in education, as well as positive psychological benefits. 

Hayden Griffith

Student Zoologist, raised on the South Coast of NSW, Australia, spending a lifetime being immersed in the wilderness of Australia and abroad. Hayden is a waterman, holds all CASA certifications, qualifications and insurances to operate commercially in the air, and has strong experience working and operating in the most remote and challenging environments, globally.

Hayden's a finalist in the Capture Magazines 2016 Emerging Photographers 'Art' Category, passionate about natural history and the production of content for science and education for schools around the world both through film and live classes.

With a deep respect for narrative and a chronic spirit of adventure, I strive to push the limits of photojournalism & film through aerial, land and sea environments.