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Entertainment with Purpose.

Emotive storytelling of an expeditionary nature. Contrasting landscape, science and human interaction to find out how we read planet Earth.


Wow! I just finished watching it and it was fantastic. The team at Barefoot have done a tremendous job- very professional. The project is explained beautifully and it is very uplifting.
— Gretchen Hurley, Bureau of Land Management, USA


Wow. I love it! It’s gorgeous. Really captures the sense of Ethabuka’s vastness and its beauty. Especially those sunrise drone shots.
— Kate, Bush Heritage Australia
Thanks for sharing this film, and especially for all the hard work you all put into its production. As a non-scientist, it does an excellent job of conveying to me the science being accomplished at NTC, and as a caver, it’s a great introduction for my non-caver friends to a wonderful project I had the privilege of being a small part of.
— Kai, USA