Education with Purpose.

You know how real world field trips have been steadily declining in both primary and middle schools across the world, well what we do is connect students with unique science (learning) experiences using both web and mobile based services. In fact we have successfully connected with students in China, the UK and across Australia, from places as far as the SubAntarctic to 75ft below the Earth. 

We are a platform that connects students with unique science experiences, anywhere, anytime.

A platform that supports scientists who want to communicate science, discovery and technique(s) by minimising production costs whilst increasing public engagement. 


The most valuable outcome of all, is the exposure to something new and unique that many of the children and their families may never have opportunities to do themselves. It extends the children’s vision of what is possible and what is out there in the world to be explored.


Wow! I just finished watching it and it was fantastic. The team at Barefoot have done a tremendous job- very professional. The project is explained beautifully and it is very uplifting.
— Gretchen Hurley, Bureau of Land Management, USA
It was a wonderful opportunity for us as educators. Thank you so much for the session yesterday! You really pitched it at the right level and the kids were buzzing.
Thank you so much
— Joanne Martin, Little Heath School, Essex, UK
Very exciting expedition and the children loved having their questions answered on air.
— Yangzhou Preschool, China